Memory of Light—Now Available for Pre-order!

You can now order my historical novel on all the major e-retailers. There will be a print copy available at some point. Here’s a little about the book:

Jefferson Coates signed on for the War Between the States, ready to give his life for his country. He wasn’t prepared for blindness.

He lost his eyes. He lost his livelihood. But he never lost the stubborn grit that kept him upright. From the Battle of South Mountain to the bloody fields of Gettysburg, through the daily struggle to live as a blind man on the unforgiving American frontier, this Medal of Honor winner never flinched.

Rachel Drew was no ordinary woman. In a world when girls grew up quickly, she left home to forge her own dreams. She never expected to marry or raise a family . . . not until she met a broom maker named Jefferson Coates.

Based on a true story, “Memory of Light” is about two independent souls forging their life and love on the Nebraska frontier.

Click on the cover if you’re interested in pre-ordering from Amazon, though it’s being carried everywhere. And if there are any reviewers and bloggers out there who’d like a review copy, shoot me an email at



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