Discussion Points for Book Clubs

Discussion Points for Death of an Irish Diva

  1. One of the themes in the book is family history. Do you know anybody who is into genealogy? Are you? What have you learned?
  2. Beatrice loves that trunk and all of thing things she found in it. It’s a treasure. Have you ever found anything like that—or known anybody who has?
  3. Jon and Beatrice get a long very well. What do you think of their romance? Can you see why Vera is concerned?
  4. Bill is definitely in the middle of his mid-life crises. If you’ve read the other books, how does this fit in with his personality? If not, what do you think of Bill?
  5. In Scrapbook of Secrets the croppers are putting together scrapbooks and piecing together a life. In SCRAPPED, they are tearing apart Cookie’s scrapbook of shadows to learn more about her. In Death of an Irish Diva, the scrapbook element is different that the other two. What do you think about the way it’s used?
  6. Have you ever seen Irish Dancing?
  7. In the book, Vera is starting to sleepwalk again. Have you ever known anybody that sleepwalked?
  8. Change is a major them in this book—mostly for Vera. What do you think of how she’s handled some major changes?
  9. Loss is another theme in this book—the loss of Vera’s marriage. Loss of business and money and the loss of Cooke Crandall. Have you ever had a friend just disappear out of your life?
  10. Do you think Annie will ever give-up reporting?


Scrapbook of Secrets Discussion Points

1. Secrets are a theme in this book. Maggie Rae is not the only person with a secret. How many secrets are in the book?
2. For much of the book Annie feels like an outsider. Do you think her faith is the main reason for it? What are the other reasons?
3. Beatrice has conversations with her deceased husband. Do you think this is as crazy as it seems?
4. Vera grew up in Cumberland Creek and only spent a few years away while she was dancing in New York City. Do you think her experience out side of Cumberland Creek give her a broader view? Or is she a local through and through?
5. Sheila runs every day—time she takes for herself. But she also doesn’t allow her children in the basement, which is her scrapbooking area. Does this seem like healthy boundaries to you?
6. Have you ever been to a Southern wake like the one in the book? Did any of the food seem familiar to you?
7. Why do you think that Bea and Annie have bonded so readily?
8. What do you think of Paige’s relationship with her gay son?
9. Did you ever think of scrapbooking in terms of helping to solve a mystery, put together a story, or a life?
10. Do you think you’d like to live in Cumberland Creek?

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