Generations of Lemon Lime Refrigerator Sheet Cake

Republishing this in honor of Emma’s fourteenth birthday. Once again, this is the cake she wants me to make. Cheers!

This cake is one of my all-time favorites—and it’s not even from scratch. In fact, my mother started making this cake after she had gone back to work, no longer having the time to bake from scratch. The Kitchen Queen always felt a little guilty about not baking from scratch. But we didn’t mind this cake at all. It’s a refreshing, gentle cake that gives your taste buds a sweet lemon-lime joy ride, along with a nice play of textures—the jello, the Dream-Whip-pudding topping, and the cake. Mmmmm.

I was so pleased when my daughter Emma asked for this cake for her eleventh birthday this year. Of course, it reminds me of my working mom and all the love she poured into whatever kitchen creation she managed.

Also, I made and served it for Emma’s first birthday.  Most of it ended up on her face, rather than in her mouth, but I loved it when a fluffy bit found its way in and loved watching my baby enjoy this tasty, light, cake that my mom made for me all those years ago.

Lemon Lime Refrigerator
Sheet Cake

1 box of lemon cake mix
1 small pack of lime jello
1 envelope of Dream Whip

1 pack lemon instant pudding

1 1/2 cup cold milk
Follow the instructions on your cake mix box.
Dissolve jello in 3/4 cup of boiling water. Add 1/2 cup cold water and set aside. Cool the cake for at least
20 minutes. Poke holes with a fork about one inch apart from each other.
Pour the liquid jello into the holes, carefully. It’s okay if some of the liquid jello spills on the cake. It will solidify, as well. But try to keep it in the holes. Chill the jello and cake in the refrigerator.

To make the topping, blend the Dream Whip, pudding and milk until it’s stiff.

Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. Here I am listening to Tori Amos again in the morning. That's usually
not a good thing. But I can't help myself.
2. I need to get some Stevie on my Ipod. I was also thinking The Cars
would have some great songs to run to. Blondie, too.
3. It was so nice to go to Christy's for a little while yesterday and
eat some wonderful cake and see my friends.
4. All of a sudden, I am even busier with a new Grit assignment, my
blog, and my proofreading gig. On top of everything else…
5. Still no word from the dr. on my hip. It only hurts a little. I will
call her today.

Five thing I thoought about during my morning run:

1. Things I am seeing along the road as the snow melts: bits and pieces
of red plastic, a plastic bowl, empty cigarette packs, a glove.
2. To cake or not to cake–that is the question. ha!
3. I'm going out today to my second office–the UPS store. I need to
make copies and get the scoop. They always tell me who is sending my
pie book to friends. 😉
4. GREAT morning for a run.I had to stop at the house in the middle and take my coat off.
5. Unfortunately, I'm starting to have problems with that knee again.

Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. The sky was this bright, glowing pink this morning as the sun rose
over the mountain. I gasped out loud at its beauty. Then I hoped that
nobody heard me.
2. Tink was pleased this morning with our run being nice and early.
Yesterday, she was annoyed with me because it was so late. She sat
staring at me and grunted and snorted at me in a huff.
3. Emma seems to be getting better. But last night she was still having coughing fits.
4. Sweet potato pie. Mmmmm.
5. Cake. I don't think you have to choose between between a cake person or a pie person. Both are good.