“Celebrate Spring” Tea Pot Giveaway

I was recently
contacted by CSN stores to host a giveaway. CSN has over 200 online stores that carry
everything from bedroom decor to tv stands
children’s toys and furniture! Check out all their stores here! They gave me a choice of items to giveaway. I fell in love with this little tea pot.

In order to win it, leave a post on my blog about one of my posts, or just saying HEY. It would be great if you followed me, as well, or subscribed. The winner will be announced Wednesday, April 7. Strong tea2022

So why did I pick the tea pot? Well, it is lovely, isn't it? But, hot tea is a comforting mainstay for me.  

The women in my life have always gathered around kitchen tables for hot tea. As a migraine sufferer, the only thing I can drink after a bad episode is Constant Comment tea. I'm sure it has something to do with three important women in my life—my mom, Aunt Mart, and Aunt Judy. 

 So, I give you this poem for spring and wish you luck on winning the tea pot. It's been quite a winter. Let's raise our cups and gather our strength. Cheers!

Strong Tea

Three women sit like the Fates, weaving

their families lives, 
as they sip Constant Comment

from speckled gray-brown mugs.

Spoons fish for spent bags, the fingers find tags

and wrap the muddy stained strings

around the bag, squeezing the last flavored drop.

The not-quite-silver spoons stir sugar

and clang, clang, clang, ring in their ears—singing

of money, husbands, and children.


Steam floats into the air. Tea-smell comforts

three women around the kitchen table.

Aunt Judy dribbles and giggles.

The room fills with the sound.

Mom and Aunt Mart light-up as they laugh.

Orange and icey-pink lipstick scars

white cigarettes and marks their mugs

with painted lip stain.


Bittersweet tea-tastes linger.

“The stronger, the 
better” they would all say to me

between puffs, songs, and tears.

Their sounds steep into me and fill my cup—

I taste the strength.