Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. It’s Winter Solstice and I’m peeling off my clothes, working up a sweat very fast.

2. Only a few presents left on my list.

3. Some people hate running. I love being outside, moving, breeze and sun against my skin. But sometimes it just plain hurts. Trying not to think about it so that I will continue to LOVE it.

4. Most of my baking is done, too. Yep.

5. Trying hard not to be a Grinch–for my family,  But I’m still under the weather and fighting it as much as I can.

Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. My house filled with golden light this morning and how it gave way to the gray.

2. Marbled-gray skies. Spitting rain.

3. My Emma–up and at it this morning. I think we’ve given her a good work ethic, if nothing else. 😉 She’s off to the museum for the day to work on the farms.

4. We’ve been hearing about what a good worker she is–but also about how “entertaining” she is. heh.

5. If you haven’t heard, I’m doing a pre-sale special on SCRAPBOOK OF SECRETS. Order the book from Amazon, let me know about it, and I’ll send you some recipes from Cumberland Creek. Here’s the link.

Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. Scrapbook of Shadows, the second book in my series. I read it over the other day, fine tuning it. It just felt kinda long to me. It’s just over 76,000 words and usually I have a hard time making 70,000. So I mentioned it to a friend and she said it didn’t feel long, but maybe I needed to tweak the tension a bit here and there. And I have. It was only a sentence here or there. Now, I do have a little rewriting to do. I’ll tweak more after that.

2. I want to have it ready for my publisher before my kids are out of school for the summer. I may not turn it in. But it at least needs to be ready. Um, er, at least in my mind. A friend of mine asked me when it’s due. When I told her next year, she said ,”Nerd.” LOL.

3. The thing is who knows how long the third book will take. And I do have work my schedule around my daughter’s lives–which is as it should be. So this gives me a bit of breathing room in my schedule.

4. Reverse triangle kicked my butt last night and I feel it in each stride.

5. I am still having problems getting up certain posts on this blog. I am frustrated.

Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. Clarity. Whoa.

2. Sun beams streaming out of the clouds spilling onto the mountains. Light on the hills. When I see that, I feel a sense of the sacred.

3. Selling a house is hard. I didn’t get to write at all yesterday because we had a showing and Eric and I were cleaning and packing all day. Oye. And then we all went for a ride for 30 minutes while out house was being shown–which the dog enjoyed greatly.;-)

4. It seems I lost my one solid proofreading client. The work has dried up. I need some steady work. When I was working for her, I didn’t have time to write magazine articles or queries because I was also writing my books. So.

5. I read that Buddha Pie will be in New York City. I am hoping I will be there end of October/early November. (Everything has been pushed back month.) It would be awesome to meet Ernest after all this time. Such a pie man!

Five things I thought about during my morning walk:

1. It’s strange out here. One side of the sky is gray, the other blue with silver-white cloud, and the air is humid , but breezy.

2. Walked up the hill, saw my friend Susan again. A great way to start the day. She’s off to get her hair cut, which reminds me I need to call Mary.

3. The book giveaway on my Kitchen Queen blog. “Emma’s River” is wonderful book. Want a free signed copy?

4. Speaking of that, soon all my blogs will be in one place–and in a more organized fashion. Stay tuned.

5. Needing to let go in order to let more in…

Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. Being in Pa. briefly always makes me ache. Good aches. Bad aches. I wish things were different.

2. So proud of my niece Abbey who is a poet at Carlow University, in the thick of all the poetry happenings in Pittsburgh. One of the professors there has really taken Abbey under her wing. (All you magnificient teachers out there–you make a difference.) And I am proud of her sister Carly, who is managing an Ann Taylor Loft store in Cranberry and applying to law school, studying hard.

3. Emma and Tess are quite impressed.(And that's a good thing.)

4. So much to do. Errands to run today. Checking off things from my list.

5. It's good to get away from home and people to get perspective. I'm glad to be back. But I am making some changes.

Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. Moon. Stars. Dusky blue sky.

2. Creamsicle- orange edging the mountains.

3. Running–not the whole sun–but still, a triumph for me and my knees.

4. So proud of my mom for giving Bobby the shove-off. For years, my mom has suffered through bad relationships. this time she took control. One remark about her weight (and she is not heavy anymore) and she told him off. "That's it. I don't need that in my life." So true, Mom. Nobody does.

5. Off to Pa. this morning with the girls. Eric is working. Big weekend with the Igbos at the museum.

Five things I thought about during my morning walk:

1, Okay so my knees have been really bothering me–so I'm walking today.

2. But it's depressing. I love running so much and am fearful that I won't be able to do it without ripping up my knees.

3. I can't do that–I can't afford time off for a knee operation.

4. So it's walking. But it still hurts.

5. Ugh…

Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. Sweat pouring. Heart racing. Life is good.

2. Still thinking about going to Pa. next weekend. Looking for a cheap place to stay. Dad's place is already full. Mom doesn't have the space. And Becky's basement is full of mold–which I couldn't handle because I am so allergic.

3. Thinking about Sept. is not pleasant. Eric is working every weekend into the middle of October.

4. I've been doing a lot of scrapbooking research because the mysteries I'm writing center around a group of women who get together weekly to scrapbook. In the book I'm writing now, "Scrapbook of Shadows," there's a remarkable book. Artistic. When I used to scrapbook regularly, I used to get a magazine called Legacy, which was "extreme" scrapbooking. Gorgeous. And they would include fancy paper samples–which I used.

5. I just love paper. All kinds of paper. Vellum. Rice paper. Fine paper. And also newsprint. My grandfather was a layout artist at the Beaver County Times. One of my earliest memories is of him bringing me a complete blank newspaper. I placed it on the floor, stretched out on my stomach, wrote stories, and designed them on the page.

Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. Going to meet another local mystery writer for lunch today. Should be fun.

2. So, I wrote about 3,000 words yesterday. I love when that happens, but it wore me out. So today, I'm stepping away from the fiction and working on my blog. Stay tuned.

3. I can't believe how well the transition to middle school is going for Emma. So far, I am very impressed with the school and my daughter.

4. I think that I may just need to find a quantum physicist to interview. Anybody know one?

5. Okay so my contract is at Kensington. I can't wait to hear from my editor. My agent loves this guy. I'm taking that as a good sign. So, let's roll!