Five things I thought about during my morning walk, plus a poem:

1. Whoooa! Tink is pulling me along the ice.
2.This morning at 4, when I woke up and let Tink out, I was left
breathless by how beautiful my backyard looked in the moonlight. The
moon was clear and the whole sky was framed by icicles hanging from my
glass door.
3. I watched the Superbowl off and on last night while reading a
scrapbooking mystery.(So-so.) Emma has grown into quite the football
fan. Tess just wanted the food.
4. So there's more snow coming…Argghhhhh!
5. Tess is having a bit of a hard time about me going to New York. I
can't tell you how that rips at my guts. I don't know how women who
travel a lot manage this. Both girls have become very clingy with me
the past few day and I don't mind that at all. But it's affecting Tess
much harder.

I found the poem I wrote about yesterday. Eric asked that I NOT share
it because it's about him and kind of um, er personal. Oh well. So
here's another one, written about that same time–when we were living
in Reston.

Am I Happy?

Thinking of our morning—
colored by a full moon,
sounded by Canadian geese

flying overhead. A strange
man waiting at the bus stop.
An new bus driver smiling.

You beside me. Walking.
Sitting. Waiting. This is my
life. Mornings come, moons

wax and wane, geese soar.
Strangers and bus drivers
brush up against me, sometimes

flirting, sometimes not. A young
man asks me "Are you happy?"
I do not reply right away.

Happiness is hard work sometimes.
Other times it washes over you
with a peculiar, easy, sudden knowing.