Five things I thought about during my morning run:

  1. Adoring these cool mornings. I can’t run outside in the heat…
  2. Book signing on Saturday at the  B& N in Charlottesville at 1! I love getting out and about meeting readers!
  3. Tough morning for all of us. Sometimes I wonder if three-day weekends are worth it!
  4. I love Morcheeba–especially  Run, Honey Run.
  5. Can’t get over DEATH AMONG THE DOILIES being selected as staff pick of the month at Kensington. Click this to find out more–but I am so honored!

Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. Feet on the pavement; music in my ear. Man, I’ve missed this.

2. Such a beautiful morning–blue skies, lovely breeze–could not resist. Even though my hip doesn’t like it at all.

3. The book signing went so well at Angela’s Happy Stamper on Saturday. (I’ll post pics soon!) I love the staff and the customers there–especially Angela, herself, an inspiration, for sure.

4. Sweat trickling down my back.

5. Lovely to get a pie question yesterday. Pie people still love me! And I love them.  Peace. Love. Pie.

Five things I thought about during my morning run:

DSCF44151. I’ve been running outside so much this summer. The mornings have been so beautiful.Can’t make it to ZUMBA on a day like this!

2. Exercise is my sanity. True–but sometimes it’s just not enough. I’m very down these days.

3. I hope that Tink’s flea dip and my treating the house have gotten ridden of the fleas! Not sure I can take much more!

4. Next week I’m heading to “Navigating Your Writing Life,” to sit on a mystery writer’s panel and teach a workshop.

5. Had to take a little break and make a new friend this morning:


Five things I thought about during my morning run:

DSC_01761. These mornings have just been perfect for a run. Just cool enough, just warm enough. Sunny. Blue skies.

2. Well, I couldn’t stand it anymore. I started working on Book #5 again.

3. Speaking of work. SCRAPPY SUMMER is published this week and I’m having a giveaway on my FB page. Click here–if you’re interested.

4. I have no idea where that dog came from. A different dog than I saw the other day. Hmm.

5. Excited about my NY trip. Very. It will be brief–but I can’t wait.

Five things I thought about on my late morning run:

1. My daughter Emma auditioning for Les Mis today. She has such a strong spirit. She keeps auditioning for all these local plays, is good, and gets great feedback, but is never the right fit. But she keeps on going!

2. Tonight is my 50th b-day party. It’s going to be so much fun. I think. 😉

3. Water is a great thing. I want some.

4. Perfect cool morning for a run. Warm sun. Cool breeze. Ni-ice.

5. Should start everyday with a bit of chocolate. Yep.

Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. Mottled gray sky. Wind thrashing through the trees. It’s going to be a heck of a storm. When it finally lets go…

2. We have a new front door and it’s amazing the difference it makes in the look of our house and in the temperature-comfort level. No more breezes in the house.

3. Tonight is my digital book discussion. This is a very cool thing. All you need is a webcam and mic and you can participate for free. When you are in the virtual space, it looks like huge library. a Hope you will sign up here: 

4. Love running outside with the wind, droplets of rain pricking my skin.

5. One sick girl is at home with me today. Sinus infections can be so nasty. She is miserable. ;(

Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. Sometimes the only thing that makes sense to me is my feet on the pavement.

2. Four Bluejays on a bare bush.

3. How meaningful answers are never easy to find.

4. Hot sweaty skin. Cool breeze. Tears stinging.

5. Nobody needs an assault rifle, unless you are in the military. I think we all can agree to that. Yes, indeed.

Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. These older folks I see almost every time I am at the gym. They are plodding along. You have just got to hand it to them. They are doing what’s best for them–and their families–by taking care of themselves. It ain’t easy.
2.Emma has been at a friend’s house all night. She keeps texting me. I love that.
3. Man, I am still sore from our hike the other day. I just was not wearing the right kind of shoes.
4. All of the “smashing” we are doing lately. Check out my blog post on Killer Hobbies today.
5. Stunned bird on the track today.

Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. Emma at Kings Dominion all day with the Signature Singers. I usually
go to everything–but last year I went and ended up with a migraine, so I
decided not to go.
2. But I can't stop THINKING about all the horrible things that might
happen to her.
3. Then I think about her chaperone. A good guy that Tom Maneval. I'm
sure she will be fine. I'm sure she will be fine. Yes. I am sure of it.
4. Next year I'm going with Tess and with Emma for the middle school. I
can go and not get on the rides and sit in the shade (if I can find
some). That's what I'm doing NEXT YEAR.
5. The thing is Emma is so proud of herself because I'm not going. She
was very organized and ready to go this morning. Happy that we trust
her. I remember being exactly her age and my mom putting me on a school
bus to go to West View Park in Pittsburgh–our school picnic. I was
fine–and there were NO chaperones. I remember that day fondly and still
have the artwork I did with this spiral paint thing. It's sitting on my
kitchen counter.