Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. Pounding the pavement. I missed exercising at all yesterday–busy day. I was in such a funk by 6 p.m.

2. Okay. I’m not sharing specifics–don’t want to spoil the read for anybody. But running has just given me a very faint and brief outline of the next three chapters on my WIP. All I have to do is sit down and write.

3. But today I really need to clean and organize. My two least favorite things.

4. I REALLY need new running shoes.

5. Working up a sweat during the cool, gray morning. Must be one of the best things, ever. Tis the little things.

Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. Outside. It’s a rough start. But the fresh air helps.

2. Dance rehearsals and recitals. I’m looking forward to seeing it—and getting it over and done with.

3. My in-laws are coming in today for the show. Guess what I am doing. Cleaning. Yep.

4. I have so many ideas for novels that it’s scary. I’ll never have the time to write everything I want.

5. Oooo. I love running at the gym because it’s easier on my joints. But when I run outside, it feels like I’m getting to the source of whatever it was that made me start running at the age of 45. Sky. Air. Tree. Earth. Here. I. Am.

Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. Tiny Dancer in my ear. Makes me wonder if I still run like a
2. Okay Bono. I will BE STILL if you run to ME…
3. Ooooo. Look at those pretty white flowers.
4. Feeling a wee bit better this morning, after sleeping for a very long
time. Bed at 8;30. Didn't even hear the furniture being moved.
5. Lunch with Beth and Alice, two good friends who have written many
many MANY fiction books, We are celebrating my 3-book deal. (You knew I
had to get that in here, right?)

Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. CDs scattered all over the neighborhood.
2. Saw Nicole yesterday in Staunton BUYING a pie. lol. It's OK. She said
she reads my pie book before she sleeps and has pie dreams. You can't
beat that.
3. Pie is not about judging. Buy a pie. Bake a pie. It's all good. (Just
be careful about those trans fats.)
4. We all know homemade is better–but sometimes our lives can't revolve
around baking pie. Sorry to say.
5. Running makes me so hungry.

Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. I have central air and so far, so good…
2.The girls are not happy about it–they like their window units. Eric
took them out last night.
3. Big mistake walking into Emma's room this morning. She said she
couldn't find a shirt so I went in. No wonder. Just so you know, Emma
has beautiful clothes, but she doesn't wear them and they get crumpled
up all over the floor. So I told her today that I don't care about the
mess as much as I care about the disrespect for the people who work hard
to buy her those things. I think I saw a click in her brain, though I
don't want to get my hopes up.
4. Tonight is one of the big 5th grade events at the school–barbecue,
ice cream and the 5th graders playing the faculty in volleyball. They
never even think about the fact that there are vegetarian families. So
we won't go until later.
5. Florida.

Five things I thought about during my LONG morning run and surprise ending:

1. So I bend down to clean up after Tink and I feel someone watching me.
It was a cat sitting next to this house–it sort of looked like one of
those lawn ornament. But it blinked at me and I swear it chuckled. I
could almost hear it think,”Man that dog really has HER trained.”
2. Look at the rabbit–it doesn’t seem scared of me at all. But then
again, I’ve always had a bit of bunny magic.
3. My new jeans. Here’s what I’m going to do. Get Tess (the best
photographer in the house) to take a picture of me in them and I’m
going to email them to my sister. She is the only person I know who will
tell me if I look like hell in them. They are just way different than
what I’m used to.
4. I found one sweet young woman at the Ann Taylor in C-ville yesterday.
It’s the first time. Every time I’ve been there, I’ve walked away
slightly annoyed. There was another woman there–maybe she was the
manager? I wanted to slap her she was so unhelpful.
5. So, I take a LONG run this morning and who shows up at my house? Yep.
The Zeh guy. While I was gone, he called. Eric let him in and that puts
a whole new spin on my day. He has “the handler” and is installing it.
Still no word on “the unit.”

Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. Having a hard time with motivation this morning. Usually I don't.
Maybe it's because I've been up since about 4.
2. Also, I feel like I might be getting bored with running. Seriously.
Maybe if I get some new music it will help,
3. The music helps a lot–sometimes I break into dance. Maybe I just
need to get back into the dance studio.
4. I don't know if it's new–but it's new to me. I saw a Sade video
this morning that really touched me. It's "BabyFather." I think. I'll
post it if I can find it. I've always loved her–since her first album
(which I still have.) And yes, album dates me. But who cares?
5. Sometimes I feel so blessed with my friends. I love the way they make
me want to be a better person, a better writer, a better mother, a
better friend. Thank you. xxx

Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. Cloud watch: When I first started running the sky was mostly one big
gray blanket of clouds. The only clear blue sky was around the
mountains. Toward the end of my run, the sun is really fighting to come
2. Going to Staunton this morning for Emma's acting class.
3. She was invited to watch movies at a friend's house last night. We had
to pick her up at 10:30. Eric and I struggled to stay awake. She came
home full of energy, of course.
4. We are daydreaming about this central air conditioning. We hope it
will be completely installed by midweek.
5. My new blog. I'd love some comments on the blog. I also have fan page for it–check
your in box for an invite.

Five things I thought about during my evening run:

1. This is different.
2. When I run in the morning, it jump starts my day. In the evening, I
can feel the knots in my shoulders and neck give way. Hmmm.
3. But my legs are getting tired much more quickly.
4. I can feel the burn in my thighs. Haven't felt that in the morning in
quite some time.
5. Could not run in the morning because of the contractor craziness.
More to come.

Five things I thoguht about durng my morning run:

1. Finally, a run. Missing a run yesterday was not a good thing.
2. I am running through clouds and smelling honeysuckle. Honeysuckle
reminds me of a poem I wrote a LONG time ago. If I can find it, I'll
share it.
3. My poems are scattered in boxes and on disks. Really, I should get
this part of my life together.
4. Talking history, eating pie, and drinking wine. Lovely image.
5. Thinking about New York City. I had planned to go to Book Expo next
week and even got a press pass. Then I decided not to go–for a lot of
reasons. Now, I am kinda sorry because I keep getting invites to the
coolest events. Also, I wanted to see if my pie book is out on the
floor–is anybody going and could check this out for me? Look in the
Random House booth–the Ten Speed Imprint section?