Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. Beautiful morning for a run-nice and cool.
2. Tink and her bravado. I SO understand it. She acts all tough when she comes across one other dog. She just wants them to know she's not a pushover–it needs to back off. But when there's two dogs around who are barking at her, she whimpers and gets behind me. I understand that, too.
3. Feeling grateful this morning. Grateful to be here and to be in the space that allows me to play with words and images. Wild night of dreams and if I am reading them correctly, there's more of the frontier and colonies for me to explore. It sparks my imagination—the way this land grew.
4. Seeing Bob Dylan live was one of the most disappointing experiences of my life, years ago. He gave me a headache.
5. Pancakes. Mmmm.