Mrs. Rowe’s Restaurant Cookbook Tour Update

I haven’t posted for a few days because, well, I’ve either been busy or exhausted. Saturday was a success. I sold every cookbook that I brought with me to the Book’em event in Waynesboro, Va. I sold it so well that it made me feel a little awkward about the way other writers were looking at me… 😉
The event at the Bookstack in Staunton went very well, too. I must have signed 40 books. Not all of those folks came in person to get their books signed, The owener kept them aside for them after they purchased them.
I was exhausted by the end of the day—I did not have time to eat. (I won’t do that again.) Even though I ate the granola bars I stuffed into my purse while driving between Waynesboro and Staunton, I ended up completely depleted, though elated by how well the book is doing.
Yesterday, I had a 7 a.m. speaking engagement at the Lion’s Club in Staunton. What a great goup of people! I sold a fair number of books there, as well.
This weekend, I venture to Fort Lewis Lodge to join a group of women that love to read and discuss what they read. We’ll talk about my book—and other books, as well. I will be staying all night Saturday and leaving on Sunday. It’s funny—this place is very near where Mrs. Rowe lived in Goshen. For me, all roads seem to lead to her…at least at this moment in my life.

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