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DSC_0212So glad you stopped by! Welcome to my website. You’ll find a little of this and that here. A blog. Information about my books. Stuff about me. If you’re a member of the press, you can find most of what you need here, as well.

I write the Cumberland Creek Mysteries, which, so far, consists of five books and two e-novellas and a new series, Cora Crafts Mysteries.

All of my Cumberland Creek books focus on your favorite characters from the first book. Annie, Vera, Paige, Sheila,  and DeeAnn are still managing to get together weekly to scrapbook and eat. (And of course, Beatrice!)  Check out all of the wonderful things bloggers, reviewers and readers are saying here.

I’ve launched a new series—the Cora Crafts Mystery series. The series is set at a craft retreat in the a quaint fictional town, Indigo Gap. The first book is DEATH AMONG THE DOILIES.

Death Among the Doilies

The main characters in the book are Cora and Jane, best friends from childhood, launching a new craft retreat business together. Each book has different crafts and crafters–and different murders, of course. Also, Cora and Jane are younger than my Cumberland Creek characters, so a wee bit of romance is involved.

The book has been very well-received and was selected to be a part of Fresh Fiction’s “Fiction Not to Miss” monthly subscription box. A-mazing!

The next book will be out in April, “No Charm Intended.”


If you’re interested in my latest news, along with the occasional craft project, recipe, exclusive short stories, and so on, please sign up for my newsletter, Paper. Story. Recipe. here. You can also sign up on my blog page sidebar. I am available for book groups, libraries, scrapbooking groups, and so on. If you are not closeby, we can have an online event. Don’t you just love technology?

Now, I’ve dipped my toes in to romance. If you decide to try out “The Beekeeper’s Bride,” you’ll recognize the same themes in my writing. Strong women, who happen to be crafters and artists, are front and center.


Along with writing my books, I write for hire, along with edit and consult. If you’re interested in my services, check me out here. Right now, I’m employed part time as a fact-checker and researcher and write occasionally for them, as well.

Stay tuned!


22 thoughts on “Welcome and Updates

  1. Lisa Ansell says:

    I have read both Cumberland Creek books and love the characters! Will there be a third in the series and if so, how soon? 😉


    • Mollie Cox Bryan says:

      Thanks so much, Lisa! Yes, there will be more books. Book 3 is scheduled to be published Feb. 2014. Right now, the title is “Death of an Irish Diva.” There will also be two more books and two e-novellas. So, stay tuned!

  2. Joanna Morgan says:

    I enjoyed “Scrapbook of Secrets” Quite a cast of characters! At the conclusion of the book, there was an excerpt from “Scrapbook of Shadows” Was this ever published?

    • Mollie Cox Bryan says:

      Thanks so much, Joanna! Yes, Scrapbook of Shadows is out, but the publisher changed the name to Scrapped. Thanks so much for asking. Cheers!

  3. MaryJayne says:

    I loved all three books. I just finished Death of an Irish Diva. How many more books will be in the series and when will they be published? The characters are great!!

    • Mollie Bryan says:

      Thanks so much! Right now, there are two more books planned. CRAFTY CHRISTMAS comes out in October. The fifth book comes out next year. There is an e-novella available now–SCRAPPY SUMMER. And, there will be an e-novella published between CRAFTY CHRISTMAS and the fifth book. Once again, thanks so much!

  4. Laurie says:

    Thanks for clearing up the mystery of SCRAPBOOK OF SHADOWS name change.
    I have been going crazy trying to find it. Love the characters and don’t like to read a series out of sequence. Keep them coming please.

  5. Carol says:

    Why did you, and other authors, release ebooks? I do not have a Kindle, or an ereader, and don’t intend to, for several reasons. How much are we missing by not being able to get the ebooks – such as Scrappy Summer, and the one you say is coming out between Crafty Christmas and the book to be released in 2015? Thanks for your response.

    • Mollie Bryan says:

      Thanks so much for your note. I can’t speak for other authors, but the e-books of mine are just little e-novellas, that fill in some gaps in time between the long stretches of publishing the books. So, you are missing a little in the timeline of Cumberland Creek, but the books catch you up on the important things. You know you don’t need a kindle or e-reader to buy and read those e-books. If you get the free kindle app off of amazon you can get the e-novellas and read it on your computer. It’s really not up to me whether or not the publisher decides to offer those short e-novella as books in the future, but you never know. Once again, thanks so much for your note.

  6. Lisa DeLeon says:

    I discovered your books a month ago, and just finished the newest- “A Crafty Christmas”. I can’t wait to see what’s in store next for the scrappers, especially after that jaw-dropping ending that you left us with. Thank you for bringing these ladies to my life-I love each and every one of them!

  7. Alexandra Reid says:

    I discovered your series when you did a reading at the Suffolk Mystery Writer’s Festival in November. I finished Crafty Christmas, and now I’m going back and discovering Bea, Vera, Sheila, Annie, and the rest of the crew from the beginning. You have an awesome knack for opening your stories with page turning attention grabbers (Sheila tripping over a dead body; Beatrice returning from the grocery store with a knife in her neck). Found your series on Kindle Unlimited as well. Your books are a great introduction to this genre of mystery writing.

  8. Ida Umphers says:

    I had never heard of wildcrafting, but your pictures on Pinterest are wonderful. Excited to go check out the new series.

  9. Lisa L. says:

    Mollie, I came across your book: Death Among The Doilies. first time for to read your books and it was Fantastic and well done, can’t wait to get the second one you have out for this month. hope you keep this new series going! Thanks so much. Lisa

  10. Karen says:

    Are there going to be any more Cumberland Creek books? I just finished Scrapbook of the a dead tonight. Since it was written 2 years ago and your on to another series I thought it might be over .

    • Mollie Bryan says:

      Hi Karen,
      The good news is the series has not been cancelled. But I’m still not sure if there will be more books, at this point. But my new series has visits from my cumberland Creek characters. 😉
      Thanks so much for asking,

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