Writing and Editing Services

Social Media

I can help you with your social media needs. I blog on two platforms, maintain several Facebook and Twitter accounts, as well as Pinterest. I can help you create you presence or maintain it.


I’ve been in the publishing business a  long time and love advising and helping out.  I’ve worked in almost every area of the editorial field and creative services.


I’m familiar with Chicago Style, AP Style, Recipes into Type, and the Gregg Manual. Whether the project is a cookbook, blog, or a work of fiction, I can help.


If your project needs one more set of eyes, I am happy to help you.

Writing Services

I’ve written ads, brochures, newsletters, cookbooks, poetry, many other things. I’ve written mystery novels, cookbooks and romances. I am always eager for writing projects. I am happy to ghostwrite, as well.

Writing Coach

It is my great joy and honor to work with writers and help out where I can.

Contact me at if you’re interested or would like references.

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